Chlorella - The World's Most Powerful Wholefood



Bob McCauley is interviewed in this Fine Living Network profile of chlorella, the world's most powerful wholefood.


Chlorella a single-cell freshwater algae with the ability to reproduce eight times a day. It is related to another superfood, which is spirulina. Chlorella is popular in either tablet form or powder form. This superfood is known to be one of the most nutrient-dense foods.


Chlorella: A Cancer Killer Superfood. Most Nutrient-Dense food on Earth 12 Eye-Opening Reasons You Need To Add Chlorella To Your Diet. The Detoxifying Health Benefits of Chlorella. Chlorella Can Fight Cancer More Than Most Know. Could this tumor-shrinking plant be THE cancer cure? Help Prevent & Reverse Cancer with Chlorella & Spirulina.


For the full blog visit: BUY CHLORELLA: Enter PROMO Code: FRESH010 at checkout to save 10% for Fresh Body Mind Subscribers Chlorella might look like an unassuming green algae, but this superfood is making waves among nutritionists and scientists alike.